Thursday, December 29, 2016

These two crazy girls!

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps!

2016 is about to end and I want to say thank you for those who helped me a lot in my homeworks. Chewahhh! Okay whatever.

So, today I met my two crazy friends and we're going to 'pasar' together. haha. 

👆👆 okay so true!
They keep calling me 'gemuk' but its okay sebab gemuk kan comel. Ha kau hado?? cheesekek betul.

Left; Aliah, me, Yaya

I love this picture because my face looked tembam plus gemuk bila duduk tengah-tengah crazy aliens ni. hek.

incomplete. Ninaaaa lost.

We captured about thirty photos plus boomerang and vids mengarut semua. Sorry for this tedious post. hiks. Anyway please click the link below and grab 10GB Facebook + 10GB Sim Free Basic Internet With XPAX #NoKelentong.

Okay, to all best friends out there please appreciate your best friends because they are free counselors. No matter the issue, they are there to listen to you vent.

Stay tunes for the next blog post peeps!

with love ❤
👀 Iffah Nadiah

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